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61 Paenibacillus campinasensis sp. nov., a cyclodextrin-producing bacterium isolated in Brazil / Jung Hoon Yoon; D K Yim; Jung Sook Lee; Kee Sun Shin; H H Sato; Sung Taik Lee; Y K Park; Yong Ha Park , 1998
62 Paenibacillus daejeonensis sp. nov., a novel alkaliphilic bacterium from soil / Jung Sook Lee; Keun Chul Lee; Young Hyo Chang; Soon Gyu Hong; Hyun Woo Oh; Y R Pyun; Kyung Sook Bae , 2002
63 Paenibacillus siamensis sp. nov., Paenibacillus septentrionalis sp. nov. and Paenibacillus montaniterrae sp. nov., xylanase-producing bacteria from Thai soils / S Khianngam; S Tanasupawat; Jung-Sook Lee; Keun Chul Lee; A Akaracharanya , 2009
64 Paenibacillus cellulositrophicus sp. nov., a cellulolytic bacterium from Thai soil / A Akaracharanya; W Lorliam; S Tanasupawat; Keun Chul Lee; Jung-Sook Lee , 2009
65 Paenibacillus thailandensis sp. nov. and Paenibacillus nanensis sp. nov., xylanase-producing bacteria isolated from soil / S Khianngam; A Akaracharanya; S Tanasupawat; Keun Chul Lee; Jung-Sook Lee , 2009
66 Paenibacillus sputi sp. nov., isolated from the sputum of a patient with pulmonary disease / Kwang Kyu Kim; Keun Chul Lee; H Yu; S Ryoo; Y Park; Jung-Sook Lee , 2010
67 Paenibacillus xylanisolvens sp. nov., a xylan-degrading bacterium from soil / S Khianngam; S Tanasupawat; A Akaracharanya; Kang-Kyu Kim; Keun Chul Lee; Jung-Sook Lee , 2011
68 Paenibacillus oceanisediminis sp. nov. isolated from marine sediment / J Lee; N R Shin; M J Jung; S W Roh; M S Kim; Jung-Sook Lee; Keun Chul Lee; Y O Kim; J W Bae , 2013
69 Paenibacillus baekrokdamisoli sp. nov., isolated from soil of crater lake / Keun Chul Lee; Kwang Kyu Kim; J S Kim; D S Kim; S H Ko; S H Yang; Jung-Sook Lee , 2016
70 Overexpression of OsCYP19-4 increases tolerance to cold stress and enhances grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa) / Dae Hwa Yoon; Sang Sook Lee; Hyun Ji Park; J I Lyu; W S Chong; Jang Ryol Liu; B G Kim; J C Ahn; Hye Sun Cho , 2016
71 Overexpression of golgi protein CYP21-4s improves crop productivity in potato and rice by increasing the abundance of mannosidic glycoproteins / Hyun Ji Park; Areum Lee; Sang Sook Lee; Dong Joo An; Ki-beom Moon; J C Ahn; Hyun Soon Kim; Hye Sun Cho , 2017  
72 OsCYP21, a novel Golgi-resident cyclophilin, increases oxidative stress tolerance in rice / Sang Sook Lee; Hyun Ji Park; Won Yong Jung; Areum Lee; Dae Hwa Yoon; Young Nim You; Hyun Soon Kim; B G Kim; J C Ahn; Hye Sun Cho , 2015  
73 The OsCYP19-4 gene is expressed as multiple alternatively spliced transcripts encoding isoforms with distinct cellular localizations and PPIase activities under cold stress / Areum Lee; Sang Sook Lee; Won Yong Jung; Hyun Ji Park; Bo Ra Lim; Hyun Soon Kim; J C Ahn; Hye Sun Cho , 2016  
74 Olsenella faecalis sp. nov., an anaerobic actinobacterium isolated from human faeces / Kook-Il Han; Keun Chul Lee; Mi Kyung Eom; Ji Sun Kim; Min Kuk Seo; Seung Hwan Park; Ju Huck Lee; Se Won Kang; Jam-Eon Park; Byeong Seob Oh; Seung Yeob Yu; Seung Hyeon Choi; D H Lee; H Yoon; B Y Kim; S J Yang; Jung-Sook Lee , 2019
75 Ohtaekwangia koreensis gen. nov., sp. nov. and Ohtaekwangia kribbensis sp. nov., isolated from marine sand, deep-branching members of the phylum Bacteroidetes / Jung-Hoon Yoon; So Jung Kang; Soo Young Lee; Jung-Sook Lee; Soo Yeon Park , 2011
76 O-chain structure from the lipopolysaccharide of the human pathogen Halomonas stevensii strain S18214 / G Pierettia; S Carilloa; Kang-Kyu Kim; Keun Chul Lee; Jung-Sook Lee; R Lanzettaa; M Parrillia; M M Corsaroa , 2011
77 Oceanobacillus kapialis sp. nov., from fermented shrimp paste in Thailand / S Namwong; S Tanasupawat; Keun Chul Lee; Jung-Sook Lee , 2009
78 Novel α-glucosidase inhibitors, CKD-711 and CKD-711a produced by Streptomyces sp. CK-4416 III : physico-chemical properties and structure elucidation / Hung Bae Chang; Sun Ho Kim; Young In Kwon; Dong Ho Choung; Won Kyu Choi; Tae Won Kang; Sung Sook Lee; Jong Gwan Kim; Hyoung Sik Chun; Soon Kil Ahn; Chung Il Hong; Kyou Hoon Han , 2002
79 A novel dual-specificity protein kinase targeted to the chloroplast in tobacco / Hye Sun Cho; Gyeong Mee Yoon; Sang Sook Lee; Young A. Kim; In Hwan Hwang; Do Il Choi; Hyun Sook Pai , 2001
80 Nocardioides pyridinolyticus sp. nov., a pyridine-degrading bacterium isolated from the oxic zone of an oil shale column / Jung Hoon Yoon; Sung-Keun Rhee; Jung Sook Lee; Yong Ha Park; Sung Taik Lee , 1997


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