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201 Rapid discrimination of CMS cybrid lines between Brassica oleracea var. capitata and Raphanus sativus L. using Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy of genomic DNA / Eun-Yee Jie; Myung-Suk Ahn; Y P Lee; S K Sung; B H; W Min; Jang Ryol Liu; Suk Weon Kim , 2018
202 Rapid selection of mutants of Chlamydomonas reinharditii for carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography combined with multivariate analysis / C J Yin; Suk Weon Kim; Moon Soo Rhee; Jang Ryol Liu; Won Joong Chung , 2008
203 Rapid selection of theanine-rich green tea (Camellia sinensis L.) trees and metabolites profiling by Fourier transform near-infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy / H J Song; Y D Kim; M J Jeong; Myung-Suk Ahn; Suk Weon Kim; Jang Ryol Liu; M S Choi , 2015
204 Recent advances in development of commercial rose by molecular breeding / M J Oh; Jong Hyun Kim; Myung Suk Ahn; Jang Ryol Liu; Suk Weon Kim , 2010
205 Recent progress in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics of ginseng / Jang Ryol Liu; Y M Park; D W Choi; H J Chung; S W Kim; N H Nam; S I Kim; D C Yang; Y P Lim; K H Kwon; J S Yoo , 2005
206 Reciprocal regulation of Arabidopsis UGT78D2 and BANYULS is critical for regulation of the metabolic flux of anthocyanidins to condensed tannins in developing seed coats / Y Lee; H R Yoon; Y S Paik; Jang Ryol Liu; W I Chung; G Choi , 2005
207 Regulation of cytosolic fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase under water-stressed leaves of sugar beet: protein modification is not a mechanism for coarse control / Chee Hark Harn; Jaleh Daie; Jang Ryol Liu , 1997
208 Relationship between cell morphology and indole alkaloids production in suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus / Suk Weon Kim; Kyung Hee Jung; Sang Soo Kwak; Jang Ryol Liu , 1994
209 A ribosome-inactivating protein from Amaranthus viridis / Seok Yoon Kwon; Chung Sun An; Jang Ryol Liu; Kyung Hee Paek , 1997
210 Screening of soybean recombinant inbred lines for high competence somatic embryogenesis / Pil Sun Choi; Takao Komatsuda; Min Hoon Kim; Kyu Myeong Choi; Dong Woog Choi; Jang Ryol Liu , 2002
211 Selection and isoenzyme analysis of plant cell lines for high yields of superoxide dismutase / Soon Hee You; Suk Weon Kim; Sang-Ho Kim; Jang Ryol Liu; Sang Soo Kwak , 1996
212 Selection of protoplasts-derived cell lines for high yields indole alkaloid from suspension cultures of Vinca(Catharanthus roseus) / Suk Weon Kim; Kyung Hee Jung; Sang Soo Kwak; H S Choi; C Y Choi; Jang Ryol Liu , 1991
213 Selection of protoclones for high yields of indole alkaloids from suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus and the qualitative analysis of the compounds by LC-MS / K H Jung; Sang Soo Kwak; Suk Weon Kim; C Y Choi; G S Heo; Jang Ryol Liu , 1992
214 Selection of plant cell lines for high yields Brassinosteroids / Keun-Hyung Park; Seon-Jae Kim; Jong-Dae Park; Lan-Sook Lee; Kyu-Hwan Hyun; Sang Soo Kwak; Jang Ryol Liu , 1993
215 Selection of plant cell lines fro high yields of Peroxidase / Soo Kyung Kim; Sang Soo Kwak; Kyung Hee Jung; Sung Rsn Min; I H Park; Jang Ryol Liu , 1994
216 Selection of high ginsenoside producing ginseng hairy root lines using targeted metabolic analysis / S S Woo; J S Song; J Y Lee; D S In; Hwa-Jee Chung; Jang Ryol Liu; D W Choi , 2004
217 A sepal-expressed ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase gene (NtAGP) is required for petal expansion growth in 'Xanthi' tobacco / M S Kwak; Sung Ran Min; S M Lee; K N Kim; Jang Ryol Liu; K H Paek; J S Shin; J M Bae , 2007
218 Sequence variability and expression characteristics of the ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) dehydrin gene family / Y I Ha; J M Lim; S M Ko; Jang Ryol Liu; D W Choi , 2006
219 Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in tissue cultures of radish (Raphanus sativus L.). / Won Joong Chung; Sung Rsn Min; Jang Ryol Liu , 1995
220 Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in cotyledonary explant cultures of Chinese cabbage / Pil S Choi; Woong Y Soh; Jang Ryol Liu , 1996


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