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21 Genome information of Methylobacterium oryzae, a plant-probiotic methylotroph in the phyllosphere / Min Jung Kwak; Haeyoung Jeong; M Madhaiyan; Y Lee; T M Sa; Tae Kwang Oh; Jihyun Kim , 2014  
22 Genome sequence of an algicidal marine bacterium Hahella chejuensis / Haeyoung Jeong; Ho Yoon Sung; H K Lee; Tae Kwang Oh; Jihyun Kim , 2006
23 Genome sequence of the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis AD011 / Jihyun Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; Dong Su Yu; Sang-Haeng Choi; Cheol-Goo Hur; M S Park; Sung Ho Yoon; Dae-Won Kim; G E Ji; Hong-Seog Park; Tae Kwang Oh , 2009
24 Genome sequences of Escherichia coli B strains REL606 and BL21(DE3) / Haeyoung Jeong; V Barbe; Choong Hoon Lee; D Ballenet; Dong Su Yu; Sang-Haeng Choi; A Couloux; Seung-Won Lee; Sung Ho Yoon; L Cattolico; Cheol-Goo Hur; Hong-Seog Park; B Segurens; S C Kim; Tae Kwang Oh; R E Lenski; F W Studier; P Daegelen; Jihyun Kim , 2009
25 Genome sequence of the plant-pathogenic bacterium Dickeya dadantii 3937 / Glasner; Yang; Reverchon; Hugouvieux; Condemine; Bohin; Gijsegem; Franza; Expert; Plunkett; Francisco; Charkowski; Py; Bell; Rauscher; Rodriguez; Toussaint; Holeva; He; Douet; Boccara; Blanco; Toth; Anderson; Biehl; Mau; Flynn; Barras; Lindeberg; Birch; Tsuyumu; Shi; Hibbing; Yap; Carpentier; Dassa; Umehara; Jihyun Kim; Rusch; Soni; Mayhew; Fouts; Gill; Blattner; Keen; Perna , 2011
26 Genome sequence of an ammonia-oxidizing soil archaeon, "Candidatus Nitrosoarchaeum koreensis" MY1 / Byung Kwon Kim; M Y Jung; Dong Su Yu; S J Park; Tae Kwang Oh; S K Rhee; Jihyun Kim , 2011
27 Genome sequence of the leaf-colonizing bacterium Bacillus sp. strain 5B6, isolated from a cherry tree / B K Kim; J H Chung; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; Soon-Kyeong Kwon; C H Lee; J Y Song; Dong Su Yu; Choong-Min Ryu; Jihyun Kim , 2012
28 Genome sequence of the shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli strain NCCP15657 / Byung Kwon Kim; Geun- Cheol Song; Gun Hyong Hong; W K Seong; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; S K Kwon; C H Lee; J Y Song; Dong Su Yu; M S Park; S H Cho; Jihyun Kim , 2012
29 Genome sequence of the hemolytic-uremic syndrome-causing strain Escherichia coli NCCP15647 / Haeyoung Jeong; F Zhao; D Igori; K H Oh; Seon-Young Kim; S G Kang; B K Kim; S K Kwon; C H Lee; J Y Song; Dong Su Yu; M S Park; S H Cho; Jihyun Kim , 2012
30 Genome sequence of an oligohaline hyperthermophilic archaeon, Thermococcus zilligii AN1, isolated from a terrestrial geothermal freshwater spring / Byung Kwon Kim; S H Lee; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S K Kwon; C H Lee; J Y Song; Dong Su Yu; S G Kang; Jihyun Kim , 2012
31 Genome sequence of the plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus sp. Strain JS / Ju Yeon Song; Hyun A Kim; J S Kim; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; B K Kim; S K Kwon; C H Lee; Dong Su Yu; B S Kim; S H Kim; Suk Yoon Kwon; Jihyun Kim , 2012
32 Genome sequence of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli NCCP15658 / Ju Yeon Song; Ran Hee Yoo; Song Yee Jang; W K Seong; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; B K Kim; S K Kwon; C H Lee; Dong Su Yu; M S Park; S H Cho; Jihyun Kim , 2012
33 Genome sequence of the polymyxin-producing plant-probiotic rhizobacterium Paenibacillus polymyxa E681 / Jihyun Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; Soo Young Park; S B Kim; Y K Park; Soo Keun Choi; Choong-Min Ryu; Cheol-Goo Hur; S Y Ghim; Tae Kwang Oh; J J Kim; C S Park; Seung Hwan Park , 2010
34 The genome sequence of E. coli W (ATCC 9637): comparative genome analysis and an improved genome-scale reconstruction of E. coli / C T Archer; Jihyun Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; J H Park; C E Vickers; S Y Lee; L K Nielsen , 2011  
35 Genome snapshot of Paenibacillus polymyxa ATCC 842t / Haeyoung Jeong; Jihyun Kim; Yon-Kyoung Park; Seong-Bin Kim; C H Kim; Seung Hwan Park , 2006
36 Genome-wide identification of the subcellular localization of the Escherichia coli B proteome using experimental and computational methods / M J Han; H Yun; J W Lee; Y H Lee; S Y Lee; J S Yoo; J Y Kim; Jihyun Kim; Cheol-Goo Hur , 2011
37 Genome-wide screening and identification of factors affecting the biosynthesis of prodigiosin by Hahella chejuensis, using Escherichia coli as a surrogate host / Soon Kyeong Kwon; Y K Park; Jihyun Kim , 2010
38 Genomic blueprint of Hahella chejuensis, a marine microbe producing an algicidal agent / Haeyoung Jeong; J H Yim; Choong Hwan Lee; Sang-Haeng Choi; Yon Kyoung Park; Sung Ho Yoon; Cheol-Goo Hur; Ho-Young Kang; Dockyu Kim; Hyun Hee Lee; Kun Hyang Park; Seung Hwan Park; Hong-Seog Park; H K Lee; Tae Kwang Oh; Jihyun Kim , 2005  
39 The Hrp pathogenicity island of Erwinia amylovora and identification of three novel genes required for systemic infection / C S Oh; Jihyun Kim; S V Beer , 2005
40 Identification of polymyxin synthetase gene cluster of Paenibacillus polymyxa and heterologous expression of the gene in Bacillus subtilis / Soo Keun Choi; Soo Young Park; R Kim; Seong-Bin Kim; C H Lee; Jihyun Kim; Seung Hwan Park , 2009


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