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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Strategy for screening metagenomic resources for exocellulase activity using a robotic, high-throughput screening system / Kyongcheol Ko; Yun Jon Han; Dae-Eun Cheong; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song , 2013
2 Repurposing type III polyketide synthase as a malonyl-CoA biosensor for metabolic engineering in bacteria / D Yang; W J Kim; S M Yoo; Jong Hyun Choi; S H Ha; M H Lee; S Y Lee , 2018
3 Recent advances in metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum as a potential platform microorganism for biorefinery / K A G Baritugo; Y C David; Jong Hyun Choi , 2018
4 A rapid and simple method for preparing an insoluble substrate for screening of microbial xylanase / Kyong Cheol Ko; Yunjon Han; Bong Seok Shin; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song , 2012
5 A novel multifunctional cellulolytic enzyme screened from metagenomic resources representing ruminal bacteria / Kyongcheol Ko; J H Lee; Yun Jon Han; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song , 2013
6 A novel bifunctional endo-/exo-type cellulase from an anaerobic ruminal bacterium / Kyong Cheol Ko; Y Han; Jong Hyun Choi; G J Kim; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2011
7 Mixed-substrate (glycerol tributyrate and fibrin) zymography for simultaneous detection of lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes on a single gel / Nack-Shick Choi; Jong Hyun Choi; B H Kim; Yun-Jon Han; Joong Su Kim; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2009
8 Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for fermentative production of chemicals in biorefinery / K A Baritugo; H T Kim; Y David; J I Choi; S H Hong; K J Jeong; Jong Hyun Choi; J C Joo; S J Park , 2018
9 Jeongeupia naejangsanensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a cellulose-degrading bacterium isolated from forest soil from Naejang Mountain in Korea / Jung-Hoon Yoon; Jong Hyun Choi; Kang So Jung; Choi Nack-Shick; Jung-Sook Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2010
10 Itaconic acid production from glycerol using Escherichia coli harboring a random synonymous codon-substituted 5'-coding region variant of the cadA gene / Ho Geun Jeon; Dae Eun Cheong; Yunjon Han; Jae Jun Song; Jong Hyun Choi , 2016
11 Implementing bacterial acid resistance into cell-free protein synthesis for buffer-free expression and screening of enzymes / H C Kim; K S Kim; T J Kang; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song; Y H Choi; B G Kim; D M Kim , 2015
12 Identification of a serine protease from a Bacillus sp. using multiple loading of O'Farrell-type isolectric focusing slab two-dimensinal gel / Nack-Shick Choi; Jong Hyun Choi; Jung-Hoon Yoon; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2009
13 Identification and characterization of a novel cold-adapted esterase from a metagenomic library of mountain soil / Kyong Cheol Ko; Soon Ok Rim; Yunjon Han; B S Shin; G J Kim; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song , 2012
14 Enhancing functional expression of heterologous proteins through random substitution of genetic codes in the 5' coding region / Dae Eun Cheong; Kyong-Cheol Ko; Yunjon Han; Ho Geun Jeon; Bong Hyun Sung; G J Kim; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song , 2015
15 Enhanced production of gamma-aminobutyrate (GABA) in recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum strains from empty fruit bunch biosugar solution / K A Baritugo; H T Kim; Y David; T U Khang; S M Hyun; K H Kang; J H Yu; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song; J C Joo; S J Park , 2018
16 Deoxynivalenol impair skin barrier function through the down regulation of filaggrin and claudin 1/8 in HaCaT keratinocyte / U M Cho; Jong Hyun Choi; H S Hwang , 2017
17 Construction of non-invasively constitutive expression vectors using a metagenome-derived promoter for soluble expression of proteins / Dea Eun Cheong; Jong Hyun Choi; Jae Jun Song; G J Kim , 2013
18 Construction of a Vitreoscilla hemoglobin promoter-based tunable expression system for Corynebacterium glutamicum / K A Baritugo; H T Kim; M N Rhie; S Y Jo; T U Khang; K H Kang; S K Song; Binna Lee; Jae Jun Song; Jong Hyun Choi; Dae-Hee Lee; J C Joo; S J Park , 2018
19 Cloning, expression, and production of xylo-oligosaccharides by using a newly screened xylanase isolated from bovine rumen / J M Lim; Jong Hyun Choi; J W Choi; J W Yun; T J Park; J P Park , 2018
20 Brevundimonas naejangsanensis sp. nov., a proteolytic bacterium isolated from soil, and reclassification of Mycoplana bullata into the genus Brevundimonas as Brevundimonas bullata comb. nov. / So Jung Kang; Nack-Shick Choi; Jong Hyun Choi; Jung-Sook Lee; Jung-Hoon Yoon; Jae Jun Song , 2009


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