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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Recognition and discrimination of target mRNAs by Sib RNAs, a cis-encoded sRNA family / K Han; Kwang-sun Kim; G Bak; H Park; Y Lee , 2010  
2 Construction of an efficient In Vitro system for analysis of transcription from sigma 54-dependent pspA promoter / K Han; G Bak; K N Uhm; Kwang-sun Kim; Y Lee , 2011
3 Rho-dependent termination of ssrS (6S RNA) transcription in Escherichia coli: implications for 3' processing of 6S RNA and expression of downstream ygfA (putative 5-formyl-tetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligase) / H Chae; K Han; Kwang-sun Kim; H Park; J Lee; Y Lee , 2011
4 Ribonuclease E modulation of the bacterial SOS response / R Manasherob; C Miller; Kwang-Sun Kim; S N Cohen , 2012  
5 Structural analysis of Escherichia coli C5 protein / Jae-Sun Shin; Kwang-Sun Kim; K S Ryu; K Han; Y Lee; B S Choi , 2012
6 A novel fluorescent reporter system for monitoring and identifying RNase III activity and its target RNAs / Kwang-Sun Kim; Sunyoung Park; Soohyun Lee; S B Kang; J Lee; Seung Goo Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2012
7 Regulation of transcription from two ssrS promoters in 6S RNA biogenesis / J Y Lee; H Park; G Bak; Kwang-sun Kim; Y Lee , 2013
8 Escherichia coli YmdB regulates biofilm formation independently of its role as an RNase III modulator / Taeyeon Kim; Juyeon Lee; Kwang-sun Kim , 2013  
9 Interspecific bacterial sensing through airborne signals modulates locomotion and drug resistance / Kwang-sun Kim; Soohyun Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2013
10 Construction of a yeast three-hybrid system for identifying Escherichia coli proteins interacting with small non-coding RNAs / Geunu Bak; Soon Kwang Hong; Juyeon Jung; Kwang-sun Kim , 2015
11 Systematic analysis of the role of bacterial Hfq-interacting sRNAs in the response to antibiotics / Taeyeon Kim; Geunu Bak; Juyeon Lee; Kwang-sun Kim , 2015
12 In vitro evaluation of ciclopirox as an adjuvant for polymyxin B against gram-negative bacteria / Kwang-sun Kim; Taeyeon Kim; Jae Gu Pan , 2015
13 Vaccination with Klebsiella pneumoniae-derived extracellular vesicles protects against bacteria-induced lethality via both humoral and cellular immunity / W H Lee; H I Choi; S W Hong; Kwang-sun Kim; Y S Gho; S G Jeon , 2015  
14 Identification of novel sRNAs involved in biofilm formation, motility, and fimbriae formation in Escherichia coli / G Bak; J Lee; S Suk; D Kim; J Y Lee; Kwang-sun Kim; B S Choi; Y Lee , 2015  


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