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41 Differential expression patterns of gangliosides in the tissues and cells of NIH-mini pig kidneys / J H Cho; Ji Su Kim; Y C Lee; K B Oh; D H Kwak; W S Kim; S S Hwang; K Ko; Kyu Tae Chang; Y K Choo , 2010
42 Differential expression pattern of gangliosides during the differentiation of human dental pulp-derived mesenchymal stem cells into dopaminergic neural-like cells / S H Lee; D H Kwak; J S Ryu; M U Lim; Ji-Su Kim; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; Y K Choo , 2014
43 Distinct gating mechanism of SOC channel involving STIM?Orai coupling and an intramolecular interaction of Orai in Caenorhabditis elegans / K M Kim; T Wijerathne; J H Hur; U J Kang; I H Kim; Y C Kweon; A R Lee; S J Jeong; S K Lee; Y Y Lee; Bo Woong Sim; Jong Hee Lee; C Baig; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; K P Lee; C Y Park , 2018
44 DMBA/TPA-induced tumor formation is aggravated in human papillomavirus type 16 E6/E7 transgenic mouse skin / M O Kim; S H Kim; M J Shin; D H Yu; B S Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; S Lee; Y B Park; T H Lee; Z Y Ryoo , 2007  
45 Dominant role of peroxiredoxin/JNK axis in stemness regulation during neurogenesis from embryonic stem cells / Sun-Uk Kim; Young Ho Park; J M Kim; H N Sun; I S Song; S M Huang; S H Lee; J I Chae; S Hong; S S Choi; S C Choi; T H Lee; S W Kang; S G Rhee; Kyu Tae Chang; Dae Yeul Yu; D S Lee , 2014
46 Dual effect of fetal bovine serum on early development depends on stage-specific reactive oxygen species demands in pigs / Seong-Eun Mun; Bo Woong Sim; Seung-Bin Yoon; Pil Soo Jeong; Hae Jun Yang; Seon A Choi; Young-Ho Park; Young-Hyun Kim; Philyong Kang; Kang Jin Jeong; Youngjeon Lee; Yeung Bae Jin; Bong-Seok Song; Ji-Su Kim; Jae Won Huh; Sang-Rae Lee; Y K Choo; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2017  
47 Dynamic evolution of tRNAThr-derived HpaI SINEs and effect on genomes of Oncorhynchus species / Jae Won Huh; Dae Soo Kim; Y N Noh; S J Park; H S Ha; C G Kim; Y H Lee; C K Kang; Kyu Tae Chang; H S Kim , 2009
48 The dynamics of T and B cells in lymph node during chronic HIV infection: TFH and HIV, unhappy dance partners? / Jung Joo Hong; Kyu Tae Chang; F Villinger , 2016  
49 Early initiation of antiretroviral treatment postSIV infection does not resolve lymphoid tissue activation / Jung Joo Hong; E L V Silveira; P K Amancha; S N Byrareddy; S Gumber; Kyu Tae Chang; A A Ansari; F Villinger , 2017
50 Effect of droplet vitrification on mitochondrial membrane potential and developmental competence in two-cell mouse embryos / B H Kim; Ji Su Kim; J S Ryu; S H Lee; J T Lee; J Y Kang; Kyu Tae Chang; Y K Choo , 2011
51 Effect of gangliosides on LPS stimulation and nitric oxide release in porcine kidney cell line PK15 / J T Lee; K Ko; K J Lee; M U Lim; G Moussavou; Ji-Su Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; Y K Choo , 2013
52 Effects of progranulin on blastocyst hatching and subsequent adhesion and outgrowth in the mouse / J Qin; L Diaz-Cueto; J E Schwarze; Y Takahashi; M Imai; K Isuzugawa; S Yamamoto; Kyu Tae Chang; G L Gerton; K Imakawa , 2005
53 Effects of dietary supplementation of illite on humoral immunity against Salmonella typhimurium flagella antigen in laying hens / Sang Rae Lee; S Lee; Kyu Tae Chang; J W Kim , 2009
54 Effects of melatonin on improvement of neurological function in focal cerebral ischemic rats / S Lee; J Shin; M Lee; Sang Rae Lee; Kyu Tae Chang; Y Hong , 2011
55 The effects of smartphone use on upper extremity muscle activity and pain threshold / M Lee; Y Hong; S Lee; J Won; J Yang; S Park; Kyu Tae Chang , 2015
56 Effects of methamphetamine in the hippocampus of cynomolgus monkeys according to age / M R Choi; S H Bang; Yeung Bae Jin; Youngjeon Lee; Han Na Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; K H Jung; Sang-Rae Lee; D J Kim , 2017
57 Effects of acute and chronic methamphetamine administration on cynomolgus monkey hippocampus structure and cellular transcriptome / M R Choi; J W Chun; S M Kwak; S H Bang; Yeung Bae Jin; Youngjeon Lee; Han Na Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; Y G Chai; Sang-Rae Lee; D J Kim , 2018
58 The effects of kinase modulation on in vitro maturation according to different cumulus-oocyte complex morphologies / Bong-Seok Song; Pil Soo Jeong; Jong Hee Lee; Moon-Hyung Lee; Hae Jun Yang; Seon A Choi; Hwal Yong Lee; Seung-Bin Yoon; Young-Ho Park; Kang Jin Jeong; Young-Hyun Kim; Yeung Bae Jin; Ji-Su Kim; Bo Woong Sim; Jae Won Huh; Sang-Rae Lee; D B Koo; Kyu Tae Chang; Sun-Uk Kim , 2018
59 Efficient production of transgenic mice by intracytoplasmic injection of streptolysin-O-treated spermatozoa / Bo Woong Sim; Jae Jin Cha; Bong Seok Song; Ji Su Kim; Seung-Bin Yoon; Seon A Choi; Kang Jin Jeong; Young Hyun Kim; Jae Won Huh; Sang Rae Lee; Sang-Hyun Kim; C S Lee; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2013
60 Ependymal cyst in the cerebrum of an African green monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops) / K S Chang; Sang Rae Lee; Sung Wo Kim; Z H Cho; H Y Son; D Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2011


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