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21 TLR7 expression is decreased during tumour progression in transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate mice and its activation inhibits growth of prostate cancer cells / J H Han; S Y Park; J B Kim; S D Cho; B Kim; Bo Yeon Kim; M J Kang; D J Kim; J H Park , 2013
22 Transmission and reproduction of transgenic mice expressing human growth hormone gene / Yong Mahn Han; M J Kang; Chul Sang Lee; Dae Yeul Yu; Kyung Kwang Lee , 1990
23 UBR box N-recognin-4 (UBR4), an N-recognin of the N-end rule pathway, and its role in yolk sac vascular development and autophagy / T Tasaki; S T Kim; A Zakrzewska; B E Lee; M J Kang; Y D Yoo; Hyun Joo Cha-Molstad; Joonsung Hwang; Nak Kyun Soung; K S Sung; Su Hyeon Kim; M D Nguyen; M Sun; E C Yi; Bo Yeon Kim; Y T Kwon , 2013
24 Ultrarapid freezing of mouse 2-cell embryos / M J Kang; Chul Sang Lee; Yong Mahn Han; Dae Yeul Yu; Kyung Kwang Lee , 1990
25 Ultrarapid freezing of DNA-injected and nuclear-transplanted mouse embryos / M J Kang; Yong Mahn Han; Chul Sang Lee; Sun Jung Kim; Dae Yeul Yu; S T Shin; Kyung Kwang Lee , 1993
26 Viabilities of biopsied mouse embryos after ultrarapid refreezing and thawing / S T Shin; J H Lim; M J Kang; Yong Mahn Han; Kyung Kwang Lee , 1996


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