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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
41 Effect of amino acid substitutions at a site of temperature sensitive folding mutation of P22 tailspike protein / Joosang Park; Hyeyeong Koh; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
42 Effect of the N-terminal hydrophobic sequence of hepatitis B virus surface antigen on the folding and assembly of hybrid beta-galactosidase in Escherichia coli / Sang Chul Lee; Young Chul Choi; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
43 Effect of single amino acid substitutions on the thermal unfolding of P22 tailspike protein / Sang Chul Lee; Myeong Hee Yu , 1991
44 Effect of amino acid substitution on the subtype specificity of preS2 epitope in hepatitis B surface antigen / Aeree Moon; Ki Sun Kwon; Myeong Hee Yu , 1994
45 Effect of glycosylation on the stability of alpha1-antitrypsin toward urea denaturation and thermal deactivation / Ki Sun Kwon; Myeong Hee Yu , 1997
46 Distribution of the native strain in human α₁-antitrypsin and its association with protease inhibitor function / Eun Joo Seo; Ha Na Im; Jin Soo Maeng; Kyoon Eon Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 2000
47 Crystal structure of an uncleaved α₁-antitrypsin reveals the conformation of its inhibitory reactive loop / H K Song; Kee Nyung Lee; Ki Sun Kwon; Myeong Hee Yu; S W Suh , 1995
48 Contribution of individual side-chains to the stability of BPTI examined by alanine-scanning mutagenesis / Myeong Hee Yu; J Weissman; PS Kim , 1995
49 Conformational properties of disulfide-free recombinant chicken ovalbumin / Yeon Hee Jeoung; Myeong Hee Yu , 1999
50 Cloning and expression of temperature sensitive mutant of P22 tailspike gene in Escherichia coli (Cloning of P22 tailspike gene in E. coli) / Jinmi Kim; Hyeyeong Koh; Dae Yu Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
51 Cloning and expression of human alpha1-antitrypsin cDNA in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Jinmi Kim; Kee Nyung Lee; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
52 Characterization of a human α₁-antitrypsin variant that is as stable as ovalbumin / Kee Nyung Lee; Ha Na Im; Sang Won Kang; Myeong Hee Yu , 1998
53 Antigenic properties of preS2 region of hepatitis B virus envelope proteins / Kee Nyung Lee; Sang Chul Lee; Ki Sun Kwon; Hong Keun Chung; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
54 Antigenic determinant mapping in preS2 Region of hepatitis B virus surface antigen / Ki Sun Kwon; Changsoo Kim; Joosang Park; Moon Hi Han; Myeong Hee Yu , 1990
55 Accessibility of folding mutation sites in the native phage p22 tailspike protein trimer / M BeiBinger; Myeong Hee Yu; R Seckler , 1994
56 5' coding sequence responsible for high level expression of X protein of hepatitis B virus in E. coli / Changsoo Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 1989
57 A 2.1 Å Resolution Structure of an Uncleaved α₁-Antitrypsin Shows Variability of the Reactive Center and Other Loops / Seung Jun Kim; Joo Rang Woo; Eun Joo Seo; Myeong Hee Yu; Seong Eon Ryu , 2001


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