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81 Inhibitory effect of 2′-hydroxycinnamaldehyde on nitric oxide production through inhibition of NF-κB activation in RAW 264.7 cells / S H Lee; S Y Lee; D J Son; H Lee; H S Yoo; S Song; K W Oh; Dong Cho Han; Byoung-Mog Kwon; J T Hong , 2005
82 Inhibitory effects of Hwang-Ryun-Hae-Dok-Tang on cytochrome P450 in human liver microsomes / S Y Lee; H Jang; J Y Lee; J Y Ma; Soo Jin Oh; S K Kim , 2015
83 In silico study on Arabidopsis BAG gene expression in response to environmental stresses / G M Nawkar; P Maibam; J H Park; Woo Su Gyeong; Cha Young Kim; S Y Lee; C H Kang , 2017
84 Integrated analysis of leaf morphological and color traits in different populations of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis) / S R Choi; X Yu; V Dhandapani; X Li; Z Wang; S Y Lee; S H Oh; W Pang; N Ramchiary; C P Hong; S Park; Z Piao; Hyeran Kim; Y P Lim , 2017
85 Integrative genome-scale metabolic analysis of Vibrio vulnificus for drug targeting and discovery / H U Kim; S Y Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; T Y Kim; J J Kim; H E Choy; K Y Yi; J H Rhee; S Y Lee , 2011
86 Interaction of tankyrase and peroxiredoxin II is indispensable for the survival of colorectal cancer cells / D H Kang; D J Lee; S Lee; S Y Lee; Y Jun; Y Kim; J S Lee; D K Lee; E H Jho; Dae Yeul Yu; S W Kang , 2017
87 In vitro and in vivo assessment of cytochrome P450-mediated herb-drug interaction of Ssang-hwa-tang / S Y Lee; J Y Lee; W Kang; K I Kwon; Soo Jin Oh; J Y Ma; S K Kim , 2013
88 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a novel polymer-free everolimus-eluting stent by nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide film deposition / D S Park; I H Bae; M H Jeong; Kyungseob Lim; D S Sim; Y J Hong; S Y Lee; E J Jang; J W Shim; J K Park; H C Lim; H B Kim , 2018
89 Isolation of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory flavonoids from Sedum sarmentosum / Hyuncheol Oh; D G Kang; J W Kwon; T O Kwon; S Y Lee; D B Lee; H S Lee , 2004  
90 K120R mutation inactivates p53 by creating an aberrant splice site leading to nonsense-mediated mRNA decay / S Y Lee; J H Park; S Jeong; B Y Kim; Yong-Kook Kang; Y Xu; S K Chung , 2019
91 Kangiella sediminilitoris sp. nov., isolated from a tidal flat sediment / S Y Lee; S Park; Tae Kwang Oh; J H Yoon , 2013
92 Lactic acid bacteria isolated from Kimchi to evaluate anti-obesity effect in high fat diet-induced obese mice / S Y Lee; S S Sekhon; J H Ko; Hyung Cheol Kim; S Y Kim; K Won; J Y Ahn; K Lee; Y H Kim , 2018
93 Lipocalin-2 negatively modulates the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in hepatocellular carcinoma through the epidermal growth factor (TGF-beta1)/Lcn2/Twist1 pathway / Y P Wang; G R Yu; M J Lee; S Y Lee; In-Sun Chu; S H Leem; D G Kim , 2013
94 Microbiota composition and pulmonary surfactant protein expression as markers of death by drowning / S Y Lee; S K Woo; S M Lee; E J Ha; K H Lim; Kyung Hwa Choi; Young Hee Roh; Y B Eom , 2017
95 Microcontact printing of biotin for selective immobilization of streptavidin-fused proteins and SPR analysis / J P Park; S J Lee; T J Park; K B Lee; I S Choi; S Y Lee; Min-Gon Kim; Bong Hyun Chung , 2004
96 Micropatterning proteins on polyhydroxyalkanoate substrates by using the substrate binding domain as a fusion partner / J P Park; K B Lee; S J Lee; T J Park; Min-Gon Kim; Bong Hyun Chung; Z W Lee; I S Choi; S Y Lee , 2005
97 Mitoxantrone binds to Nopp140, an intrinsically unstructured protein,and modulate its interaction with protein kinase CK2 / W K Lee; S Y Lee; J H Na; S Jang; C R Park; S Y Kim; Si Hyoung Lee; Kyou Hoon Han; Y G Yu , 2012
98 Molecular mechanism of local drug delivery with Paclitaxel-eluting membranes in biliary and pancreatic cancer: new application for an old drug / S Bang; S I Jang; S Y Lee; Y Y Baek; Ji Eun Yun; Soo Jin Oh; Chang Woo Lee; E A Jo; K Na; S Yang; D H Lee; D K Lee , 2015  
99 Molecular mechanism of local drug delivery with paclitaxel-eluting membranes in biliary and pancreatic cancer: new application for an old drug / S Bang; S I Jang; S Y Lee; Y Y Baek; Ji Eun Yun; Soo Jin Oh; Chang Woo Lee; E A Jo; K Na; S Yang; D H Lee; D K Lee , 2014  
100 NDP kinase 2 interacts with two oxidative stress-activated MAPKs to regulate cellular redox state and enhances multiple stress tolerance in transgenic plants / H J Moon; B Y Lee; G T Choi; D J Shin; D T Prasad; Ok Sun Lee; Sang Soo Kwak; D H Kim; J S Nam; J D Bahk; J C Hong; S Y Lee; M J Cho; C O Lim; D J Yun , 2003


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