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1 Valproic acid enhances early development of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos by alleviating endoplasmic reticulum stress / Bong Seok Song; Seung-Bin Yoon; Bo Woong Sim; Kim Young-Hyun; Cha Jae Jin; Seon-A Choi; Kang Jin Jeong; Kim Ji-Su; Jae Won Huh; Sang-Rae Lee; Kim Sang-Hyun; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2014
2 Use of microsatellite markers to detect quantitative trait loci in Yorkshire pigs / C W Kim; Y H Hong; S I Yun; Sang Rae Lee; Y H Kim; Myeong Su Kim; K H Chung; W Y Jung; E J Kwon; S S Hwang; D H Park; K K Cho; J G Lee; B W Kim; J W Kim; Y S Kang; J S Yeo; Kyu Tae Chang , 2006
3 Two-track virtual screening approach to?identify both?competitive and?allosteric inhibitors of?human small C-terminal domain phosphatase 1 / H Park; Hye Seon Lee; Bonsu Ku; Sang-Rae Lee; Seung Jun Kim , 2017
4 Therapeutically targeting neuroinflammation and microglia after acute ischemic stroke / Youngjeon Lee; Sang-Rae Lee; S S Choi; Hyeon-Gu Yeo; Kyu Tae Chang; H J Lee , 2014  
5 Sustained diffusion reversal with in-bore reperfusion in monkey stroke models: confirmed by prospective magnetic resonance imaging / K S Yi; C H Choi; Sang-Rae Lee; H J Lee; Youngjeon Lee; Kang Jin Jeong; J Hwang; Kyu Tae Chang; S H Cha , 2017
6 Suppression of c-Myc enhances p21WAF1/CIP1-mediated G1 cell cycle arrest through the modulation of ERK phosphorylation by ascochlorin / Y J Jeong; H S Hoe; H J Cho; K K Park; D D Kim; C H Kim; J Magae; D W Kang; Sang-Rae Lee; Y C Chang , 2018
7 Supplementation with estradiol-17β improves porcine oocyte maturation and subsequent embryo development / Ji Su Kim; Bong Seok Song; Sang Rae Lee; Seung Bin Yun; Jae Won Huh; Sun-Uk Kim; E Kim; Sang-Hyun Kim; Y K Choo; D B Koo; Kyu Tae Chang , 2011
8 Superovulatory responses in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) depend on the interaction between donor status and superovulation method used / Ji-Su Kim; Seung-Bin Yoon; Kang Jin Jeong; Bo Woong Sim; Seon A Choi; Sang Il Lee; Yeung Bae Jin; Bong-Seok Song; Sang-Rae Lee; Sun-Uk Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2017
9 Successful application of human-based methyl capture sequencing for methylome analysis in non-human primate models / Ja-Rang Lee; D S Ryu; Sang Je Park; Se Hee Choe; Hyeon-Mu Cho; Sang-Rae Lee; Sun-Uk Kim; Young-Hyun Kim; Jae Won Huh , 2018  
10 Structural modifications of outer membrane vesicles to refine them as vaccine delivery vehicles / Sang-Hyun Kim; K S Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Ekyune Kim; Myeong Su Kim; E Y Lee; Y S Gho; J W Kim; R E Bishop; Kyu Tae Chang , 2009
11 Stem cell therapy in bladder dysfunction: where are we? and where do we have to go? / J H Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Y S Song; H J Lee , 2013  
12 Spatial distribution of glucose hypometabolism induced by intracerebroventricular streptozotocin in monkeys / J H Heo; Sang Rae Lee; S T Lee; K M Lee; J H Oh; D P Jang; Kyu Tae Chang; Z H Cho , 2011
13 Shiga toxin A subunit mutant of Escherichia coli O157:H7 releases outer membrane vesicles containing the B-pentameric complex / Sang-Hyun Kim; Sang Rae Lee; K S Kim; A Ko; Ekyune Kim; Y H Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2010
14 Selection of appropriate reference genes for RT-qPCR analysis in a streptozotocin-induced Alzheimer's disease model of cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) / Sang Je Park; Young Hyun Kim; Youngjeon Lee; Kyoung Min Kim; H S Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Sun-Uk Kim; Sang-Hyun Kim; Ji Su Kim; Kang Jin Jeong; K M Lee; Jae Won Huh; Kyu Tae Chang , 2013  
15 Selection of new appropriate reference genes for RT-qPCR analysis via transcriptome sequencing of cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) / Sang Je Park; Young Hyun Kim; Jae Won Huh; Sang Rae Lee; Sang-Hyun Kim; Sun-Uk Kim; Ji Su Kim; Kang Jin Jeong; K M Kim; H S Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2013  
16 Selection of internal reference genes for normalization of quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) analysis in the canine brain and other organs / Sang Je Park; Jae Won Huh; Young Hyun Kim; Sang Rae Lee; Sang-Hyun Kim; Sun-Uk Kim; H S Kim; M K Kim; Kyu Tae Chang , 2013
17 Salutary effects of melatonin combined with treadmill exercise on cartilage damage / Y Hong; H Kim; Youngjeon Lee; S Lee; K Kim; Y Jin; Sang-Rae Lee; Kyu Tae Chang , 2014
18 Role of melatonin combined with exercise as a switch-like regulator for circadian behavior in advanced osteoarthritic knee / Y Hong; H Kim; S Lee; Y Jin; J Choi; Sang-Rae Lee; Kyu Tae Chang , 2017  
19 Rheumatic arthrits-induced alteration of morphology and function in muscles / Y Hong; J H Kim; P K Javaregowda; S K Lee; Sang Rae Lee; Kyu Tae Chang , 2011
20 Regulation of conceptus adhesion by endometrial CXC chemokines during the implantation period in sheep / K Imakawa; M Imai; A Sakai; M Suzuki; K Nagaoka; S Sakai; Sang Rae Lee; Kyu Tae Chang; S E Echternkamp; R K Christenson , 2006


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