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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
61 Mesh-integrated microdroplet array for simultaneous merging and storage of single-cell droplets / E Um; Eugene Rha; Su Lim Choi; Seung Goo Lee; J K Park , 2012
62 Mixed-substrate (glycerol tributyrate and fibrin) zymography for simultaneous detection of lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes on a single gel / Nack-Shick Choi; Jong Hyun Choi; B H Kim; Yun-Jon Han; Joong Su Kim; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2009
63 Modularity 기반 단백질공학기술의 유용성 / Seung Goo Lee; Eugene Rha , 2007
64 A molecular nanodevice for targeted degradation of mRNA during protein synthesis / K H Lee; S E Min; Haseong Kim; Seung Goo Lee; D M Kim , 2016  
65 Molecular insights into toluene sensing in the TodS/TodT signal transduction system / Serry Koh; Jungwon Hwang; K Guchhait; Eun Gyeong Lee; Sang Yoon Kim; Sujin Kim; S Lee; J M Chung; H S Jung; Sang Jun Lee; Choong-Min Ryu; Seung Goo Lee; Tae Kwang Oh; Ohsuk Kwon; Myung Hee Kim , 2016
66 Molecular and biochemical characterization of a novel isoprene synthase from Metrosideros polymorpha / Soo Jin Yeom; Moonjung Kim; Seong Keun Kim; Dae-Hee Lee; Kil Koang Kwon; Hyewon Lee; Haseong Kim; D M Kim; Seung Goo Lee , 2018  
67 Multi-enzyme screening using a high-throughput genetic enzyme screening system / Haseong Kim; Kil Koang Kwon; Wonjae Seong; Seung Goo Lee , 2016
68 Multiple-layer substrate zymography for detection of several enzymes in a single sodium dodecyl sulfate gel / Nack-Shick Choi; Bo-Hye Kim; C S Park; Yun-Jon Han; Hye-Won Lee; J H Choi; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2009
69 New thermostable D-methionine amidase from Brevibacillus borstelensis BCS-1 and its application for D-phenylalanine production / Dae Heoun Baek; Jae Jun Song; Seung Goo Lee; Seok Joon Kwon; Y Asano; Moon Hee Sung , 2003
70 A novel bifunctional endo-/exo-type cellulase from an anaerobic ruminal bacterium / Kyong Cheol Ko; Y Han; Jong Hyun Choi; G J Kim; Seung Goo Lee; Jae Jun Song , 2011
71 A novel fluorescent reporter system for monitoring and identifying RNase III activity and its target RNAs / Kwang-Sun Kim; Sunyoung Park; Soohyun Lee; S B Kang; J Lee; Seung Goo Lee; Choong-Min Ryu , 2012
72 Novel high-level constitutive expression system, pHCE vector, for a convenient and cost-effective soluble production of human tumor necrosis factor-α / Ha Ryoung Poo; Jae Jun Song; Seung Pyo Hong; Yoon Ho Choi; Sun Woo Yun; Jin Ho Kim; Sang Chul Lee; Seung Goo Lee; Moon Hee Sung , 2002
73 A novel microbial interaction: obligate commensalism between a new gram-negative thermophile and a thermophilic Bacillus strain / Sung-Keun Rhee; Seung Goo Lee; Seung Pyo Hong; Yoon Ho Choi; Jong Hoon Park; Chul Joong Kim; Moon Hee Sung , 2000
74 A novel psychrophilic alkaline phosphatase from the metagenome of tidal flat sediments / Dae-Hee Lee; Su-Lim Choi; Eugene Rha; Soo Jin Kim; Soo Jin Yeom; Jae Hee Moon; Seung Goo Lee , 2015  
75 On the structural and functional modularity of glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferases / Seung Goo Lee; S Lutz; S J Benkovic , 2003
76 A portable FRET analyzer for rapid detection of sugar content / Haseong Kim; H S Kim; J S Ha; Seung Goo Lee , 2015
77 Preparation of soluble silk peptides by food-grade proteinases / Jae Seok Ha; Jae Jun Song; H K Cho; Seung Goo Lee , 2006
78 Production of L-DOPA by thermostable tyrosine phenol-lyase of a thermophilic Symbiobacterium species overexpressed in recombinant Escherichia coli / Seung Goo Lee; Hyeon Su Ro; Seung Pyo Hong; E H Kim; Moon Hee Sung , 1996
79 Production of aromatic D-amino acids from α-keto acids and ammonia by coupling of four enzyme reactions / Hee Sung Bae; Seung Goo Lee; Seung Pyo Hong; Mi Sun Kwak; N Esaki; K Soda; Moon Hee Sung , 1999
80 Prospects and application of 3D-imaging technology / J G Baek; J S Choi; S J Koh; Y S Ho; W S Jang; C S Lee; J H Lee; Seung Goo Lee; Ha Jea Seok , 2010


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