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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
61 Rapid tool for identification of bacterial strains usingFourier transform infrared spectroscopy on genomic DNA / Jiyoung Lee; Myung-Suk Ahn; Y L Lee; Eun Yee Jie; Song-Gun Kim; Suk Weon Kim , 2019
62 Rational design of a beta-glycosidase with high regiospecificity for triterpenoid tailoring / S J Park; J M Choi; H H Kyeong; Song-Gun Kim; H S Kim , 2015
63 Rhodanobacter panaciterrae sp. nov., a bacterium with ginsenoside-converting activity isolated from soil of a ginseng field / L Wang; D S An; Song-Gun Kim; F X Jin; S T Lee; W T Im , 2011
64 Rhodanobacter aciditrophus sp. nov., an acidophilic bacterium isolated from mine wastewater / H W Koh; H Hong; E G Min; M S Kang; Song-Gun Kim; J G Na; S K Rhee; S J Park , 2015
65 Roseomonas terricola sp. nov., isolated from agricultural soil / D U Kim; H Lee; Song-Gun Kim; J O Ka , 2017
66 A simple technique to convert sitting-drop vapor diffusion into hanging-drop vapor diffusion by solidifying the reservoir solution with agarose / Tae Woong Whon; Y H Lee; Dong-Shan An; H K Song; Song-Gun Kim , 2009  
67 Sphingobium subterraneum sp. nov., isolated from ground water / J C Lee; Song-Gun Kim; K S Whang , 2015
68 Sphingomonas daechungensis sp. nov., isolated from sediment of a eutrophic reservoir / H Huy; L Jin; Keun Chul Lee; Song-Gun Kim; Jung-Sook Lee; Chi-Yong Ahn; Hee-Mock Oh , 2014
69 Sphingomonas kyungheensis sp. nov., a bacterium with ginsenoside-converting activity isolated from soil of a ginseng field / H M Son; J E Yang; Y J Park; C K Han; Song-Gun Kim; M C Kook; T H Yi , 2013
70 Sphingomonas morindae sp. nov., isolated from Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) branch / Y Liu; S Yao; Yong Jae Lee; Y Cao; L Zhai; X Zhang; J Su; Y Ge; Song-Gun Kim; C Cheng , 2015
71 Sphingomonas vulcanisoli sp. nov., isolated from soil of a lava forest / Keun Chul Lee; Kwang Kyu Kim; J S Kim; D S Kim; S H Ko; S H Yang; Song-Gun Kim; Jung-Sook Lee , 2015
72 Spirosoma aerolatum sp. nov., isolated from a motor car air conditioning system / D U Kim; H Lee; Song-Gun Kim; J H Ahn; S Y Park; J O Ka , 2015
73 Sulfitobacter aestuarii sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from a tidal flat of the Yellow Sea / A-Young Park; S Teeravet; S Pheng; J R Lee; Song-Gun Kim; C Suwannachart , 2018


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