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61 First report of impatiens flower break virus infecting impatiens walleriana in south Korea / S Y Cho; H Kim; S I Yi; Seungmo Lim; Jeong Mee Park; Hye Sun Cho; Hyeran Kim; Suk Yoon Kwon; Jae Sun Moon , 2017
62 Free radical scavenging activity and ascorbate content in various plant cell lines / Young Ock Ahn; Yong Hwa Choi; Suk Yoon Kwon; Heang Soon Lee; Suk Weon Kim; Il Hyun Park; Sang Soo Kwak , 1998
63 Gamma radiation-induced changes of antioxidant enzymes in callus cultures of cassava(manihot esculenta crantz) / Heang Soon Lee; Soon Hee You; Suk Yoon Kwon; Jae Seung Kim; Sang Soo Kwak , 1999
64 Genome analysis of Hibiscus syriacus provides insights of polyploidization and indeterminate flowering in woody plants / Yong Min Kim; S Kim; Namjin Koo; Ah Young Shin; S I Yeom; E Seo; Seong-Jin Park; W H Kang; M S Kim; J Park; Insu Jang; Pan Gyu Kim; Iksu Byeon; Min-Seo Kim; JinHyuk Choi; Gunhwan Ko; J Hwang; T Yang; S B Choi; J M Lee; K B Lim; J Lee; I Y Choi; B S Park; Suk Yoon Kwon; D Choi; Ryan W Kim , 2017
65 Genome sequence of the plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus sp. Strain JS / Ju Yeon Song; Hyun A Kim; J S Kim; Seon-Young Kim; Haeyoung Jeong; S G Kang; B K Kim; S K Kwon; C H Lee; Dong Su Yu; B S Kim; S H Kim; Suk Yoon Kwon; Jihyun Kim , 2012
66 Genome sequence of the hot pepper provides insights into the evolution of pungency in Capsicum species / S Kim; M Park; S I Yeom; Y M Kim; J M Lee; H A Lee; E Seo; J Choi; K Cheong; K T Kim; K Jung; G W Lee; S K Oh; C Bae; S B Kim; H Y Lee; S Y Kim; M S Kim; B C Kang; Y D Jo; B D Kim; Suk Yoon Kwon; Hyun A Kim; Jeong Mee Park; H J Kim; H S Choi; H K Ahn; Y H Lee; D Choi , 2014
67 A genome-wide comparison of NB-LRR type of resistance gene analogs (RGA) in the plant kingdom / Jung Eun Kim; Chan Ju Lim; B W Lee; Jae Pil Choi; S K Oh; R Ahmad; Suk Yoon Kwon; Ji Sook Ahn; Cheol-Goo Hur , 2012
68 Genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing in an inbred cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.) line 'HO' in response to heat stress / Sang Sook Lee; Won Yong Jung; Hyun Ji Park; Arum Lee; Suk Yoon Kwon; Hyun Soon Kim; Hye Sun Cho , 2018
69 Glutathione contents in various plant cell lines / Joung Eun Lee; Young Ock Ahn; Suk Yoon Kwon; Heang Soon Lee; Suk Weon Kim; Il Hyun Park; Sang Soo Kwak , 2000
70 Glycine betaine: A versatile compound with great potential for gene pyramiding to improve crop plant performance against environmental stresses / R Ahmad; Chan Ju Lim; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2013
71 High expression of a human lactoferrin in transgenic tobacco cell cultures / Sun Mee Choi; Ok Sun Lee; Suk Yoon Kwon; Sang Soo Kwak; Dae Yeul Yu; Heang Soon Lee , 2003
72 High frequency shoot induction and plant regeneration from cotyledonary hypocotyl explants of Cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.) seedlings / Jae Whune Kim; Su Kyung Han; Suk Yoon Kwon; Heang Soon Lee; Yong Pyo Lim; Jang Ryol Liu; Sang Soo Kwak , 2000
73 High frequency shoot formation and plant regeneration from cotyledonary hypocotyl explants of boxthorn(Lycium chinense Mill.) seedlings / M H Jo; I K Ham; B C Lee; J W Kim; W S Lee; Suk Yoon Kwon; Haeng Soon Lee; Sang Soo Kwak , 2004
74 High-throughput sequencing and de novo assembly of Brassica oleracea var. Capitata L. for transcriptome analysis / Hyun A Kim; C J Lim; S Kim; J K Choe; S H Jo; N Baek; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2014  
75 High-yield production of functional human lactoferrin in transgenic cell cultures of Siberian ginseng(Acanthopanax senticosus) / S H Jo; Suk Yoon Kwon; Doo Sang Park; Kyoung Sil Yang; J W Kim; K T Lee; Sang Soo Kwak; Haeng Soon Lee , 2006
76 How does SA signaling link the Flg22 responses? / So Young Yi; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2014
77 Identification of a pollen-specific gene, SlCRK1 (RFK2) in tomato / Woong Bom Kim; So Young Yi; S K Oh; Chan Ju Lim; Hyun A Kim; Hyun A Jang; Ha Yeon Lee; Y I Park; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2014
78 Improved tolerance of Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase expressing transgenic tobacco seeds and seedlings against multiple abiotic stresses / Young Pyo Lee; R Ahmad; Haeng Soon Lee; Sang Soo Kwak; M N Shafqat; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2013
79 Improvement of biomass accumulation of potato plants by transformation of cyanobacterial photorespiratory glycolate catabolism pathway genes / R Ahmad; M Bilal; Jae Heung Jeon; Hyun Soon Kim; Y I Park; M M Shah; Suk Yoon Kwon , 2016
80 Induction of a sweetpotato anion peroxidase swpa2 gene expression by stress-related chemicals and Pectobacterium chrysanthemi / Yun Hee Kim; Sun Hwa Ryu; Kee Yeun Kim; Suk Yoon Kwon; J W Bang; Sang Soo Kwak , 2004


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