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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
21 Highly stable colorimetric aptamer sensors for detection of ochratoxin A through optimizing the sequence with the covalent conjugation of hemin / Jayeon Lee; Chang Hoon Jeon; S J Ahn; Tai Hwan Ha , 2014
22 Immobilization of hexa-arginine tagged esterase onto carboxylated gold nanoparticles / Tai-Hwan Ha; Jin Young Jeong; Bong Hyun Chung , 2005
23 Kinetic trans-assembly of DNA nanostructures / Jihoon Shin; J Kim; S H Park; Tai Hwan Ha , 2018
24 Long-term stability and integrity of plasmid-based DNA data storage / H P Nguyen; Jeho Park; Seon Joo Park; Chang-Soo Lee; Seungwoo Hwang; Yong Beom Shin; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim , 2018  
25 Mechanical characteristics of free-standing DNA thin films tuned by gold nanoparticles, metal and lanthanide ions / S Yoo; S R Dugasani; Tai Hwan Ha; S H Park , 2019
26 Monitoring of adipogenic differentiation at the single-cell level using atomic force microscopic analysis / Y N Kwon; Won Kon-Kim; S H Lee; K Kim; Eun Young Kim; Tai Hwan Ha; H Han; Kwang-Hee Bae , 2011
27 A near-infrared “turn-on” fluorescent probe with a self-immolative linker for the in vivo quantitative detection and imaging of hydrogen sulfide / Chul Soon Park; Tai Hwan Ha; Seon-Ae Choi; D N Nguyen; S Noh; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee; H Yoon , 2017
28 On-chip fluorescence switching system for constructing a rewritable random access data storage device / H H Nguyen; Jeho Park; Seungwoo Hwang; Oh Seok Kwon; Chang-Soo Lee; Yong Beom Shin; Tai Hwan Ha; Moonil Kim , 2018  
29 Oriented immobilization of antibodies with GST-fused multiple Fc-specific B-domains on a gold surface / Tai-Hwan Ha; S O Jung; Jeong Min Lee; Kun Yeong Lee; Y Lee; J S Park; Bong Hyun Chung , 2007
30 Photoreactive immobilization of 11-(2,4-dinitro-5-fluorobenzene)-undecenamide on a hydrogenated silicon (100) surface for protein immobilizations / Tai-Hwan Ha; M R Park; H J Park; J S Choi; G Kim; M S Hyun; Bong Hyun Chung , 2007
31 Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers modified with cathepsin-B cleavable oligopeptides for enhanced gene delivery / Seulgi Lee; S J Son; S J Song; Tai Hwan Ha; J S Choi , 2017  
32 Polyethylenimine-poly(amidoamine) dendrimer modified with l-arginines as an efficient gene delivery vector / N Y Ahn; T H Kim; S J Song; J M Moon; Tai Hwan Ha; J S Choi , 2015
33 Recent advances for the detection of ochratoxin A / Tai Hwan Ha , 2015  
34 A reusable Pb2+ detecting aptasensor employing a gold nanorod-DNAzyme conjugate / Jayeon Lee; Tai Hwan Ha , 2015
35 Sequential conjugation of 6-aminohexanoic acids and L-arginines to poly(amidoamine) dendrimer to modify hydrophobicity and flexibility of the polymeric gene carrier / G S Yu; H N Yu; Y H Choe; S J Son; Tai-Hwan Ha; J S Choi , 2011
36 Shape-Controlled Syntheses of Gold Nanoprisms and Nanorods Influenced by Specific Adsorption of Halide Ions / Tai-Hwan Ha; Hee-Joon Koo; Bong Hyun Chung , 2007
37 Solvent effect and amine interference on colorimetric changes of azobenzene-conjugated dithiaazadioxo crown ether mercury sensor / Chang Hoon Jeon; Jayeon Lee; S J Ahn; Tai Hwan Ha , 2013
38 Streptavidin-decorated algorithmic DNA lattices constructed by substrate-assisted growth method / S B Mitta; S Han; S Vellampatti; A Tandon; Jihoon Shin; Tai Hwan Ha; S H Park , 2018
39 Structural effects of naphthalimide-based fluorescent sensor for hydrogen sulfide and imaging in live zebrafish / Seon-Ae Choi; Chul Soon Park; Oh Seok Kwon; H K Giong; Jeong Soo Lee; Tai Hwan Ha; Chang-Soo Lee , 2016  
40 Substrate-assisted 2D DNA lattices and algorithmic lattices from single-stranded tiles / J Kim; Tai Hwan Ha; S H Park , 2015


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