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41 PtsHSP19.6, a small heat-shock protein from the marine red alga Pyropia tenera (Rhodophyta), aggregates into granules and enhances heat tolerance / S Yang; Y Na; S Im; J Jo; T D Nguyen; J S Kim; Won Joong Jeong; D W Choi , 2019
42 Reduced gene expression at the branch point of chlorophyll and heme biosynthesis in Arctic Chlorella ArM0029B / V?Jayaraman; Kwon Hwangbo; Jong Min Lim; Sung Ran Min; J W Ahn; D W Choi; Won Joong Jeong , 2017
43 Salinity-dependent changes in growth and fatty acid composition of new Arctic Chlamydomonas species, ArM0029A / Joon Woo Ahn; Kwon Hwangbo; C J Yin; Jong Min Lim; H G Choi; Y I Park; Won Joong Jeong , 2015
44 Simultaneous estimation of fatty acids contents from soybean seeds using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography by multivariate analysis / Myung Suk Ahn; Eun Yee Jie; S Y Song; J W Ahn; Won Joong Jeong; Sung Ran Min; Suk Weon Kim , 2015
45 Stable expression of a fungal laccase protein using transplastomic tobacco / S J Davarpana; Joon Woo Ahn; S M Ko; S H Jung; Y I Park; Jang Ryol Liu; Won Joong Jeong , 2012
46 Synechocystis PCC6803 and PCC6906 dnaK2 expression confers salt and oxidative stress tolerance in Arabidopsis via reduction of hydrogen peroxide accumulation / Jonghyun Kim; Myung-Suk Ahn; Young Min Park; Suk Weon Kim; Sung Ran Min; Won Joong Jeong; Jang Ryol Liu , 2014
47 Threonine 286 of fatty acid desaturase 7 is essential for ω-3 fatty acid desaturation in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii / Jong Min Lim; J Vikramathithan; Kwon Hwangbo; J W Ahn; Y I Park; D W Choi; Won Joong Jeong , 2015  
48 Transcriptome sequencing and comparative analysis of the gametophyte thalli of Pyropia tenera under normal and high temperature conditions / S Choi; M S Hwang; S Im; N Kim; Won Joong Jeong; E J Park; Y G Gong; D W Choi , 2013
49 Transcriptome-based identification of the desiccation response genes in marine red algae Pyropia tenera (Rhodophyta) and enhancement of abiotic stress tolerance by PtDRG2 in Chlamydomonas / S Im; H N Lee; H S Jung; S Yang; E J Park; M S Hwang; Won Joong Jeong; D W Choi , 2017
50 Transcriptional regulation of cellulose biosynthesis during the early phase of nitrogen deprivation in nannochloropsis salina / S W Jeong; S W Nam; Kwon Hwangbo; Won Joong Jeong; B R Jeong; Y K Chang; Y I Park , 2017  
51 VaSpoU1 (SpoU gene) may be involved in organelle rRNA/tRNA modification in Viscum album / Joon Woo Ahn; Suk Weon Kim; Jang Ryol Liu; Won Joong Jeong , 2011


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