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121 Inhibitory effect of kaurane type diterpenoids from Acanthopanax koreanum on TNF-α secretion from trypsin-stimulated HMC-1 cells / X F Cai; G Shen; N T Dat; O H Kang; Young Mi Lee; Jung Joon Lee; Y H Kim , 2003
122 Inhibitory effects of manassantin A and B isolated from the roots of Saururus chinensis on PMA-induced ICAM-1 expression / Mun Chual Rho; Oh Eok Kwon; Koanhoi Kim; Seung Woong Lee; Mi Yeon Chung; Y H Kim; M Hayashi; Hyun Sun Lee; Young Kook Kim , 2003
123 Inhibitory effect of melanogenesis by 5-pentyl-2-furaldehyde isolated from Clitocybe sp. / Y H Kim; Soo-Jin Choo; In Ja Ryoo; Bo Yeon Kim; Jong Seog Ahn; Ick-Dong Yoo , 2012
124 Inhibitory effects of IL-6-induced STAT3 activation of bio-activecompounds derived from Salvia plebeia R.Br / Seung Jae Lee; Hyun Jae Jang; Yesol Kim; Hyun-Mee Oh; Soyoung Lee; Kyungsook Jung; Y H Kim; Woo Song Lee; Seung Woong Lee; Mun Chual Rho , 2016
125 An injectable collagen/poly(γ-glutamic acid) hydrogel as a scaffold of stem cells and α-lipoic acid for enhanced protection against renal dysfunction / S H Cho; Jung Ran Noh; M Y Cho; M J Go; Yong-Hoon Kim; E S Kang; Y H Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Y T Lim , 2017  
126 Intra-host competition and interactions between Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) strains in mixed-infected soybean / T Y Hwang; Soon Chun Jeong; O Kim; H M Park; S K Lee; M J Seo; M S Choi; Y Y Lee; H T Yun; Y U Kwon; W H Kim; Y H Kim , 2011
127 Investigation of the doughnut effect in Cy3-Labeled protein microarrays using scanning near-field optical microscope / A Gokarna; Y H Kim; Y H Cho; M S Lee; I C Kang; Hyun Kyu Park; Min-Gon Kim; Bong Hyun Chung , 2006
128 Isolation of biologically active compounds from the flower petals of Carthamus tinctorius L. / N I Bak; Y H Kim; E M Ahn; M H Bang; Ji Youn Nam; Byoung-Mog Kwon , 1998
129 Isolation, structural elucidation, and insights into the anti-inflammatory effects of triterpene saponins from the leaves of Stauntonia hexaphylla / L B Vinh; Hyun Jae Jang; N V Phong; K Cho; S S Park; J S Kang; Y H Kim; S Y Yang , 2019
130 Kaurane-type diterpene glycoside from the stem bark of Acanthopanax trifoliatus / P V Kiem; X F Cai; C V Minh; Jung Joon Lee; Y H Kim , 2004
131 Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) extract improves endurance capacity in mice by stimulating mitochondrial activity / H Y Jung; A N Lee; T J Song; H S An; Y H Kim; K D Kim; I B Kim; Kyoung Shim Kim; Baek Soo Han; C H Kim; K S Kim; J B Kim , 2012
132 Lactariolines A and B: new guaiane sesquiterpenes with a modulatory effect on interferon-γ production from the fruiting bodies of Lactarius hatsudake / G H Xu; Jae Wha Kim; In Ja Ryoo; Soo-Jin Choo; Y H Kim; S J Seok; Jong Seog Ahn; Ick Dong Yoo , 2010
133 Lactic acid bacteria isolated from Kimchi to evaluate anti-obesity effect in high fat diet-induced obese mice / S Y Lee; S S Sekhon; J H Ko; Hyung Cheol Kim; S Y Kim; K Won; J Y Ahn; K Lee; Y H Kim , 2018
134 Lactones from the leaves of Litsea japonica and their anti-complement activity / Byung Sun Min; Sun Young Lee; Jung Hee Kim; Ok Kyoung Kwon; Bo Young Park; Ren Bo An; Joongku Lee; Hyung In Moon; Tae Jin Kim; Y H Kim; Hyouk Joung; Hyeong Kyu Lee , 2003
135 Lignans with inhibitory activity against NFAT transcription from Schisandra chinensis / I S Lee; Hyeong Kyu Lee; N T Dat; M S Lee; J W Kim; D S Na; Y H Kim , 2003
136 Lupane-triterpenes from the leaves of Brassaiopsis glomerulata / P V Kiem; N T Dat; C V Minh; Jung Joon Lee; Y H Kim , 2003
137 Lupane-triterpene carboxylic acids from the leaves of Acanthopanax trifoliatus / P V Kiem; X F Cai; C V Minh; Jung Joon Lee; Y H Kim , 2003  
138 Madurahydroxylactone, an Inhibitor of Staphylococcus aureus FtsZ from Nonomuraea sp. AN100570 / Bo-Min Kim; Ha-Young Choi; Geon-Woo Kim; C J Zheng; Y H Kim; Won Gon Kim , 2017
139 Megastigmane and abscisic acid glycosides from the leaves of Laurus nobilis L. / L D Dat; N V Duc; B T T Luyen; H V Oanh; Hyun Jae Jang; T T Huong; Y H Kim; N P Thao , 2019
140 Mg2+ effect on argonaute and RNA duplex by molecular dynamics and bioinformatics implications / S Nam; Hyojung Ryu; W J Son; Y H Kim; K T Kim; C Balch; K P Nephew; Jinhyuk Lee , 2014  


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