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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
41 Metabolic characterization of meso-dihydroguaiaretic acid in liver microsomes and in mice / J S Jeon; Soo Jin Oh; J Y Lee; C S Ryu; Y M Kim; B H Lee; S K Kim , 2015
42 Metabolic engineering for resveratrol derivative biosynthesis in Escherichia coli / Yu Jeong Jeong; Su Gyeong Woo; Chul-Han An; Hyung Jae Jeong; Young-Soo Hong; Y M Kim; Young Bae Ryu; Mun Chual Rho; Woo Song Lee; Cha Young Kim , 2015
43 Molecular and biochemical analysis of phthalate and terephthalate degradation by Rhodococcus sp. strain DK17 / K Y Choi; Dockyu Kim; W J Sul; J C Chae; G J Zylstra; Y M Kim; E Kim , 2005
44 A novel therapeutic target, GPR43: where it stands in drug discovery / Sunhong Kim; Y M Kim; Young Shin Kwak , 2012
45 Prediction of drug-induced liver injury in HepG2 cells cultured with human liver microsomes / J M Choi; Soo Jin Oh; J Y Lee; J S Jeon; C S Ryu; Y M Kim; K Lee; S K Kim , 2015
46 Purification and characterization of a novel glucansucrase from Leuconostoc lactis EG001 / Y M Kim; M J Yeon; Nack-Shick Choi; Young Hyo Chang; Min-Young Jung; Jae Jun Song; Joong Su Kim , 2010
47 Receptor activator of nuclear factor {kappa}B ligand is a novel inducer of tissue factor in macrophages / J Kim; Jeong Ki Min; J A Park; H J Doh; Y S Choi; J Rho; Y M Kim; Y G Kwon , 2010
48 Reclassification of a carboxydobacterium, Acinetobacter sp. strain JC1 DSM3803, as Mycobacterium sp. strain JC1 DSM 3803 / T S Song; H Y Lee; Yong Ha Park; E B Kim; Y T Ro; S W Kim; Y M Kim , 2002
49 Regioselective introduction of homoallylic amine moiety to quinolines: Preparation of reissert compound followed by in-mediated allylation of nitrile / S H Kim; Sangku Lee; Y M Kim; J N Kim , 2010
50 Small intestinal eosinophils regulate Th17 cells by producing IL-1 receptor antagonist / R Sugawara; E J Lee; Min Seong Jang; E J Jeun; C P Hong; J H Kim; A Park; C H Yun; S W Hong; Y M Kim; J Y Seoh; Y Jung; C D Surh; M Miyasaka; B G Yang; M H Jang , 2016  
51 Spiroketones and a biphenyl analog from stems and leaves of Larrea nitida and their inhibitory activity against IL-6 production / J Ahn; Y Pei; H S Chae; S H Kim; Y M Kim; Y H Choi; J Lee; M Chang; Y S Song; R Rodriguez; D C Oh; J Kim; Sangho Choi; S H Joo; Y W Chin , 2018  
52 Sulfur amino acid metabolism in Zucker diabetic fatty rats / H C Kwak; Y M Kim; Soo Jin Oh; S K Kim , 2015
53 Synthesis of fully-substituted alkenylimidazoles from N-(cyanoalkyl)amides via the In-mediated allylation of nitrile and dehydrative cyclization cascade / Y M Kim; Sangku Lee; S H Kim; K H Kim; J N Kim , 2010
54 Synthesis and characterization of glucosyl stevioside using Leuconostoc dextransucrase / Jin-A Ko; S H Nam; Ji Young Park; Y Wee; D Kim; Woo Song Lee; Young Bae Ryu; Y M Kim , 2016
55 Syringaresinol causes vasorelaxation by elevating nitric oxide production through the phosphorylation and dimerization of endothelial nitric oxide synthase / B H Chung; S Kim; J D Kim; Jung Joon Lee; Y Y Baek; D Jeoung; H Lee; J Choe; K S Ha; M H Won; Y G Kwon; Y M Kim , 2012  
56 TGF-beta secreted from activated hepatic stellate cells may induce the transdifferentiation of hepatocytes into hepatocarcinoma in HBx-expressing livers / M T Ho; Y M Kim; Dae Yeul Yu; D H Lee; M Cho; C Hyun , 2014
57 Tristetraprolin regulates expressin of VEGF and tumorigenesis in human colon cancer / H H Lee; Y J Son; W H Lee; Young Woo Park; S W Chae; W J Cho; Y M Kim; H J Choi; D H Choi; S W Jung; Y J Min; S E Park; B J Lee; H J Cha; J W Park , 2010
58 The WNT antagonist Dickkopf2 promotes angiogenesis in rodent and human endothelial cells / Jeong-Ki Min; H Park; H J Choi; Y Kim; B J Pyun; V Agrawal; B W Song; J Jeon; Y S Maeng; S S Rho; S Shim; J H Chai; B K Koo; H J Hong; C O Yun; C Choi; Y M Kim; K C Hwang; Y G Kwon , 2011  


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