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121 4-하이드록시스티렌 및 이의 유사체의 생산능을 가지는 형질전환체 및 이의 생산 방법 / 홍영수; 강선영
122 4-하이드록시 타목시펜 유사체 또는 이의 약학적으로 허용가능한 염을 유효성분으로 포함하는 당뇨병 치료 또는 예방용 조성물 / 최흥식; 박승범; 이철호; 구승회
123 4-하이드록시 타목시펜 유사체 또는 이의 약학적으로 허용 가능한 염을 유효성분으로 포함하는 간질환의 치료 또는 예방용 조성물 / 최흥식; 박승범; 이철호; 김돈규; 김용훈; 황정환
124 4-하이드록시 타목시펜 유사체 또는 이의 약학적으로 허용가능한 염을 유효성분으로 포함하는, 대사증후군 관련 질환의 예방 또는 치료용 조성물 / 최흥식; 이철호; 구승회; 박승범
125 5' coding sequence responsible for high level expression of X protein of hepatitis B virus in E. coli / Changsoo Kim; Myeong Hee Yu , 1989
126 5'-diphosphate-guanosine-3'-diphosphate (ppGpp) stimulates the degradation of certain proteins by ATP-dependent protease La from Escherichia coli / Seung Ho Kim; Kyung Soo Hahm; Sang Ki Park; Wook Joon Chung; Doo Bong Ha; Chin Ha Chung , 1992
127 5-(3,5-Di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzylidene) thiazolidine-2,4-dione modulates peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor γ in 3T3-L1 adipocytes: Roles as a PPARγ ligand / Min Chul Cho; Woo Song Lee; J T Hong; S W Park; D C Moon; S G Paik; Do Young Yoon , 2005
128 5-(4-Hydroxy-2,3,5-trimethylbenzylidene) thiazolidine-2,4-dione attenuates atherosclerosis possibly by reducing monocyte recruitment to the lesion / J H Choi; J G Park; H J Jeon; M S Kim; M R Lee; M N Lee; S K Sonn; J H Kim; M H Lee; M S Choi; Y B Park; O S Kwon; Tae Sook Jeong; Woo Song Lee; H B Shim; D H Shin; G T Oh , 2011  
129 5,6-dinitrophenyl and 5-aminophenyl-6-nitrophenyl analogues of the acat inhibitor 5,6-diphenyl-3-alkylaminopyridazines / Lucio Toma; Donatella Nava; Giuseppe Celentano; Maria Paola Giovannoni; Vittorio Dal Piaz; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Mi Kyung Kim; Young Kook Kim; Daniela Barlocco , 2000
130 5,6-Diphenylpyridazine derivatives as acyl-CoA : cholesterol acyltransferase inhibitors / Maria Palola Giovannoni; Vittorio Dal Piaz; Byoung-Mog Kwon; Mi Kyung Kim; Young Kook Kim; Lucio Toma; Daniela Barlocco; Franco Bernini; Monica Canavesi , 2001
131 5-aryl-1,3,4-thiadiazole-based hydroxamic acids as histone deacetylase inhibitors and antitumor agents: synthesis, bioevaluation and docking study / T T L Huong; D T M Dung; D T K Oanh; T T B Lan; P T P Dung; V D Loi; K R Kim; B W Han; Ji Eun Yun; Jong Soon Kang; Y Kim; S B Han; N H Nam , 2015
132 5-demethylovalicin, as a methionine aminopeptidase-2 inhibitor produced by Chrysosporium / Kwang Hee Son; Ju Young Kwon; Ha Won Jeong; Hyae Kyeong Kim; Chang Jin Kim; Yi Hwa Chang; Jung Do Choi; Byoung-Mog Kwon , 2002
133 5-methylmellein and nectriapyrone, two new monoamine oxidase inhibitors / In Kyoung Lee; Bong Sik Yun; Sei Kwan Oh; Young Ho Kim; Myung Koo Lee; Ick Dong Yoo , 1999
134 5S rRNA sequence of Trimophomyces papilionaceus / Yong Her; Young-Won Kang; Yong Ha Park; Hack Sung Jung , 1992
135 5α,7α(H)-6,8-cycloeudesma-1β,4β-diol from the flower buds of Magnolia fargesii / Keun Young Jung; Dong Seon Kim; Si Hyung Park; Im Seon Lee; Sei Ryang Oh; Jung Joon Lee; Eun Hee Kim; Chaejoon Cheong; Hyeong Kyu Lee , 1998
136 5′말단 코딩 영역의 코돈을 동의 코돈으로 무작위 치환하여 기능성 발현이 증진된 단백질을 코딩하는 유전자 선별 방법 / 최종현; 송재준; 정대은; 전호근; 고경철
137 6,7,4′-Trihydroxyisoflavone inhibits HCT-116 human colon cancer cell proliferation by targeting CDK1 and CDK2 / D E Lee; K W Lee; S K Jung; E J Lee; J A Hwang; T G Lim; Bo Yeon Kim; A M Bode; H J Lee; Z Dong , 2011
138 6-alkylsalicylic acid analogues inhibit In vitro ATPase activity of heat shock protein 90 / C Z Wu; A N Moon; Oksic Choi; Sun-Young Kang; Jung Joon Lee; D Lee; B Y Hwang; Y H Kim; H S Lee; Young-Soo Hong , 2010
139 6-O-Veratroyl catalpol suppresses pro-inflammatory cytokines via regulation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and nuclear factor-κB in human monocytic cells / M Q Le; M S Kim; Y S Song; Hyung Won Ryu; Sei-Ryang Oh; D Y Yoon , 2015
140 6-Shogaol, a natural product, reduces cell death and restores motor function in rat spinal cord injury / S K Kang; Hyo Kon Chun; Y G Kim; J S Jung; J S Woo; J H Kim , 2006


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