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NO Title , Author(s) , Publication , Issue Date
1 Whole genome resequencing of Heugu (Korean black cattle) for the genome-wide SNP discovery / J W Choi; Won Hyong Jung; K T Lee; K S Jung; Y Cho; Namshin Kim; T H Kim , 2013
2 The Val279Phe variant of the lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 gene is associated with catalytic activities and cardiovascular disease in Korean men / Y Jang; O Y Kim; S J Koh; J S Chae; Y G Ko; J Y Kim; H Cho; Tae Sook Jeong; Woo Song Lee; J M Ordovas; J H Lee , 2006
3 Using T-RFLP to assess the impact on soil microbial communities by transgenic lines of watermelon rootstock resistant to cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) / H Yi; H J Kim; Chang-Gi Kim; C H Harn; Hwan Mook Kim; S Park , 2009
4 Triuncleotide repeat polymorphisms of SBMA locus in Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and Caucasoids / Su Bok Lee; Jun Goto; Ichiro Kanazawa; Yong Ha Park; Momoki Hirai , 1997
5 TNFR1 promoter -329G/T polymorphism results in allele-specific repression of TNFR1 expression / S Kim; S M Moon; Yong Sung Kim; J J Kim; H J Ryu; Y J Kim; J W Choi; Hong-Seog Park; D G Kim; H D Shin; M S Rutherford; B Oh; J K Lee , 2008
6 Susceptibility for breast cancer in young patients with short rare minisatellite alleles of BORIS / S L Yoon; D C Kim; S H Cho; Sang-Yeop Lee; In-Sun Chu; J Heo; S H Leem , 2010
7 A statistical analysis of SNPs, In-Dels, and their flanking sequences in human genomic regions / S W Shin; Young Joo Kim; B D Kim , 2007
8 SNP@Domain: a web resource of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within protein domain structures and sequences / Areum Han; H J Kang; Y Cho; Sung Hoon Lee; Young Joo Kim; Sungsam Gong , 2006  
9 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the vascular endothelial growth factor pathway and outcomes of patients treated with first-line cytotoxic chemotherapy combined with bevacizumab for advanced colorectal cancer / B S Sohn; S J Park; J E Kim; K P Kim; Y S Hong; C Suh; Yong Sung Kim; Seon-Young Kim; S A Im; S Y Kim; J H Kim; J B Ahn; Y S Park; T W Kim , 2014
10 Short rare MUC6 minisatellites-5 alleles influence susceptibility to gastric carcinoma by regulating gene expression / J A Kwon; Sang-Yeop Lee; E K Ahn; S Y Seol; M C Kim; S J Kim; S I Kim; In-Sun Chu; S H Leem , 2010
11 SERPINE1 intron polymorphisms affecting gene expression are associated with diffuse-type gastric cancer susceptibility / H Ju; B Lim; M Kim; S M Noh; W H Kim; C Ihm; B Y Choi; Yong Sung Kim; C Kang , 2010
12 Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of PCR-amplified 16S ribosomal DNA for rapid identification of Saccharomonospora strains / Jung Hoon Yoon; Sung-Taik Lee; Sam-Bong Kim; Won-Yong Kim; M Goodfellow; Yong Ha Park , 1997
13 Polymorphic sequence of Korean native goat lactoferrin exhibiting greater antibacterial activity / Tae Hoon Lee; K Shimazaki; S L Yu; Myung Soo Nam; Sun Jung Kim; Kyung Kwang Lee; Dae Yeul Yu , 1997
14 Optimizing de novo transcriptome assembly and extending genomic resources for striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) / N M Thanh; H Jung; R E Lyons; I Njaci; Byoung Ha Yoon; V Chand; N V Tuan; V T M Thu; P Mather , 2015
15 Novel single-nucleotide polymorphism markers predictive of pathologic response to preoperative chemoradiation therapy in rectal cancer patients / J C Kim; Y J Ha; S A Roh; D H Cho; E Y Choi; T W Kim; J H Kim; T W Kang; Seon-Young Kim; Yong Sung Kim , 2013
16 Molecular Discrimination among Antheraea Pernyi Strains (Wild Silkmoth) using DNA Polymorphisms Amplified from Arbitrary Primers / Jin Sung Lee; Jae Sam Hwang; Seung Hyun Sung; Yong Sung Kim; Young Sub Kim; Dong Sang Suh , 1998
17 Molecular analysis of the luminal and mucosal-associated intestinal microbiota in diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome / I M Carroll; T Ringel-Kulka; T O Keku; Young Hyo Chang; C D Packey; R B Sartor; Y Ringel , 2011
18 Minisatellite polymorphisms of the SLC6A19: Susceptibility in hypertension / S Y Seol; Sang-Yeop Lee; Y D Kim; E J Do; J A Kwon; S I Kim; In-Sun Chu; S H Leem , 2008
19 An integrated database-pipeline system for studying single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases / Jin Ok Yang; S Hwang; Jung Soo Oh; Jong Hwa Park; T K Sohn , 2008  
20 Identification of novel allele on the locus 47z (DXYS5) in the Korean population / Sung-Hwa Chae; Jeong-Mo Kim; Il-Chul Kim; Han-Ho Choi; Sang-Haeng Choi; D W Kim; Sukhoon Koh; Hwayong Park; Hong-Seog Park , 2005


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