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81 Expression of a murine-human chimeric antibody with specificity for the preS2 surface antigen of hepatitis B virus in baculovirus-infected insect cells / Byung-Rae Jin; Chun Jeih Ryu; Seok-Kwon Kang; Sung Sup Park; Moon Hi Han; Hyo Jeong Hong , 1995
82 Expression of HPV16 E6 gene isolated from Korean cervical carcinoma tissues in E. coli / Yong Hee Lee; Seung Won Jin; Hee Sik Yoon; Byoung Chul Park; Jong-Seok Lim; Hee Gu Lee; Hyun Ho Jung; In Seong Choe; Sue Nie Park , 1995
83 Expression of recombinant Lym-1 single-chain Fv in Escherichia coli / Kyung Bin Song; Mi Sun Won; Claude F Meares , 1998
84 Expression patterns of S100A6 gene in human thyroid diseases / Joo Heon Kim; Jae Wha Kim; Sun Young Yoon; Jong Hyuck Joo; In Seong Choe; Mee Ja Park , 2000
85 Expression and detection of ScFvB9 and its mutant in recombinant phage antibody system / Eun Ju Yang; Ju Won Kwak; Hae Choon Chang , 2001
86 Fine mapping of virus-neutralizing epitopes on hepatitis B virus PreS1 / Cheol Young Maeng; Chun Jeih Ryu; Philippe Gripon; Christiane Guguen-Guillouzo; Hyo Jeong Hong , 2000
87 Focal adhesion and actin organization by a cross-talk of TM4SF5 with integrin α2 are regulated by serum treatment / S Y Lee; Y T Kim; M S Lee; Y B Kim; E Chung; Semi Kim; J W Lee , 2006
88 Generation and characterization of murine monoclonal antibody to Hepatitis B virus preS1 / Youn Kyu Kim; Hee Sun Kim; Chun Jeih Ryu; Byung Rae Jin; Hyo Jeong Hong , 1996
89 Generation and characterization of a humanized antibody with specificity for preS2 surface antigen of hepatitis B virus / Sung Sup Park; Chun Jeih Ryu; P Gripon; C Guguen-Guillouzo; Hyo Jeong Hong , 1996
90 Generation of anti-HLA-DR4 specific antibodies by immunization of the recombinantly expressed allelic subtype-specific region of the HLA-DRB1 0405 molecules / Jung Hyun Park; Eun Wie Cho; Yun Jung Lee; Jin Chung; Kyung Soo Hahm; Kil Lyong Kim , 1998
91 Generation and characterization of a novel tetravalent bispecific antibody that binds to hepatitis B virus surface antigens / Sung Sup Park; Chun Jeih Ryu; Young Jun Kang; S V S Kashimiri; Hyo Jeong Hong , 2000
92 Generation and characterization of 1H8 monoclonal antibody against human bone marrow stromal cells / Hyung Sik Kang; In Pyo Choi , 2001
93 Generation and characterization of a novel single-gene-encoded single-chain immunoglobulin molecule with antigen binding activity and effector functions / Hyun Sil Lee; Liming Shu; Roberto De Pascalis; Mariateresa Giuliano; Mingzhu Zhu; Eduardo A Padlan; Patricia Horan Hand; Jeffrey Schlom; Hyo Jeong Hong; S V S Kashmiri , 1999
94 Generation of human fab monoclonal antibodies against preS1 of hepatitis B virus using repertoire cloning / In Hak Choi; Sae Gwang Park; Jun Ho Chung; Ik Jung Kim; Hyo Jeong Hong , 1998
95 Generation of self-antigen reactive, anti-urocortin specific antibodies by immunization of recombinantly expressed urocortin fusion proteins / Shin Young Na; Jung Hyun Park; Eun Wie Cho; Kwan Hee You; Kil Lyong Kim , 1999
96 Generation and characterization of a novel fusion partner cell line for the production of human macrophage hybridoma / Jung Hyun Park; Enu Wie Cho; Yun Jung Lee; Kyung Soo Hahm; Kil Lyong Kim , 1997
97 Generation of immunosuppressive antibodies reactive with human interleukin-2 receptor / Hee Gu Lee; Kil Houn Kim; In Seong Choe; Tai Wha Chung , 1992
98 Generation and characterization of a monoclonal antibody with specificity for Mycoplasma arginini / Yeon Sung Son; Hyo Jeong Hong , 2007
99 Generation of antibodies recognizing an aberrant glycoform of human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 (TIMP-1) using decoy immunization and phage display / Hyun Ju An; Yong Sam Kim; Chul Ho Lee; Eun Wie Cho; Hyang Sook Yoo; Seung Ho Kim; Jeong Heon Ko; Sang Jick Kim , 2011
100 Generation, characterization and preclinical studies of a human anti-L1CAM monoclonal antibody that cross-reacts with rodent L1CAM / S Cho; I Park; J Kim; M S Jeong; M Lim; E S Lee; J H Kim; Semi Kim; H J Hong , 2016


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